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Oct 232012

As autumn sets in and as I’m settling into the new house I find myself drawn to favorite mysteries series like old friends. I have a giant, squishy sectional sofa, so put that together with cooler weather and a warm blanket, and a cozy is definitely required. The newest scrapbooking mystery by Laura Childs fit the bill.

Postcards from the Dead brings back 20-somethings Carmela and Ava, small business owners in New Orleans, who celebrate Mardi Gras with all the rich food and intoxicating drink you’d expect. The mystery comes in when Carmela is at a party waiting for her turn to be interviewed by a television news reporter, a great chance to plug her scrapbooking store, when the TV monitor shows something has gone dreadfully wrong on the balcony overlooking the Mardi Gras parade. She rushes out and finds the reporter, Kimber Breeze, hanging dead from a black cord.

Of course Carmela can’t help but want to investigate, but she’s further motivated when she receives a postcard, apparently from the dead Kimber: she doesn’t believe in ghosts, but even Carmela’s a little spooked. Carmela and Ava, drawing on friends from the scrapbook store and from Carmela’s past, keep looking for motives and evidence despite the danger to themselves and to Carmela’s pets, until the whole sordid story comes together.

If you’re a scrapbooker, there’s the added bonus of tips and ideas from the classes Carmela teaches, and if you’re a cook, there are recipes to bring New Orleans to life in your own kitchen. As for me, I’m staying curled up under my quilt and reading another mystery.

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