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Dec 052012

I didn’t do so well on the one and only challenge I entered this year, the 2012 Global Reading Challenge, hosted by Kerrie at the Mysteries in Paradise blog. I had intended to read two books from each continent, but only managed one. Oh, well, given the year I’ve had that’s pretty good. :-P

I read:

I found something to like in all of them but would recommend most highly The Clash of Civilizations and The Book of Murder.

Many thanks to Kerrie for hosting this year’s challenge. Even though I achieved only the “Easy” level, I do love reading books set in a variety of countries and appreciate the motivation to “widen your horizons.”

  4 Responses to “2012 Global Reading Challenge wrap-up”

  1. Looks like a nice selection Karen, though I haven’t actually read any of them. I’ve got Ibe and Martinez on my TBR piles and I must admit I think I want to read the Lakhous book based solely on the title. I didn’t sign up for the global challenge this year and have noticed I probably haven’t read from quite as diverse a range of countries though I have done a bit of virtual travelling – I do think that geographic diversity adds a nice dimension to my reading :)

  2. The challenge really does help me keep my eyes open for books from all of the continents instead of just North America/Europe which I’m likely to run across without trying. The Clash of Civilizations was recommended by my friend @Col_Reads and was as strikingly different as its title. I hope you will try it!

  3. I also came up a bit short on the challenge. I was hoping to complete the “Expert” challenge but I stumbled a bit. Maybe next year.
    On a lighter note, glad you too liked The Clash of Civilizations. Here’s a link to my review:
    Have you read his latest one? Here’s a link to my review:

  4. I have not, but I’ll definitely find a copy — thanks for letting me know!

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