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Dec 282012

Following up “The Thin Man,” “After the Thin Man” is a New Year’s Eve comedy-mystery that I can recommend for your holiday weekend viewing.

William Powell and Myrna Loy are back as Nick and Nora Charles, along with Asta of course, and Jimmy Stewart plays a big role as well. Mr. and Mrs. Charles are in San Francisco for the holidays, when they learn that one of Nora’s relatives has gone missing. Nick agrees to search for him, but the case takes a bad turn when he’s found shot and cousin Selma is implicated.

Of course the New Year provides the perfect excuse for alcohol consumption, not that Nick and Nora need an excuse, and Nora’s wealthy family plays the straight man for Nick’s wisecracking patter. It’s very Depression-era, in black and white, and I’d say it’s aged well.

The family element does make the mystery a little more serious than other Thin Man films I’ve seen, but it’s still funny and definitely appropriate to the season. Cheers!

  2 Responses to “After the Thin Man (movie)”

  1. This is the BEST (1 of 3 Best!) of the Thin Man series. Before little Nickie. Before New Year’s Day. And one of Jimmy Stewart’s early roles. Also the usual wonderful cast of character actors (next in the series, not one of my personal faves, is best for character actors including 1 of the 3 Stooges). Anyway, this features two good song and dance numbers, Lots of shady underworld folks along with plenty of underworld respectable folks, cars, parties, etc. I’d rate this HIGHLY recommended! Thanks for reminding me to watch my personal DVD copy on NYE2012. :-D and a happy new year to You Toot Too! (Quote from The Thin Man)

  2. I should’ve known you’d like this one, Elli! I should’ve asked you to review it. :-)

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