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Jan 162013

Bernadette hated Sara Paretsky’s Break Down so much that I almost didn’t read it. But, it was available on audiobook at a time when I was looking for something to listen to, so I gave it a try. It’s narrated by Susan Ericksen, a narrator I’ve previously enjoyed and who did a good job with this story as well.

OK, so Bernadette’s beef was with Paretsky’s overtly political portrayal of the story, particularly as it concerned the Global Entertainment Network (read: FOX News). And she’s right, it was overt, with “various thinly disguised commentators and politicians,” as Bernadette described it. The question is whether that will bother me as much as it did her.

Not so much. In fact, I read it as an at-times hilarious sendup of how absolutely ridiculous FOX (I hesitate to call it “News” as it’s primarily opinions about news that other stations and papers originally reported) can be at times.

So, if you leave that aside, what’s left? Not so much. The plot involves a group of young girls in a supervised book club who decide to visit a cemetery in the middle of the night in hopes of calling forth a vampire character that they’ve read about (thinly disguised “Twilight” reference). Our heroine, V.I. Warshawski, gets involved through her annoying cousin, Petra, the group’s supervising adult (“adult”), and soon discovers that some of the girls are connected to well-known Chicago politicians, while others are connected to illegal immigrants: in other words, none of whom want to be featured on GEN.

Whatever. I guess if the Faux News storyline is appealing enough to you, you might enjoy this book. I couldn’t really get into it and am disappointed because I’d finally gotten back into reading V.I. Warshawki, something I’m unlikely to repeat anytime soon.

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