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Jan 242013

I TOLD YOU that I was going to find the next book in the Booktown series, and I keep my promises. Bookmarked for Death is the second Lorna Barrett Tricia Miles bookshop mystery, and I liked it as much as the first.

This time it’s an author rather than a bookshop owner who bites the dust, but since the murder happens right in Tricia’s store, Haven’t Got a Clue, she’s got a reason to investigate. That and the fact that the sheriff, Wendy Adams, continues to hate her.

As with the first book, Tricia’s personal life is also part of the story. Her sister, Angelica, has moved permanently to town, taking over the recently vacated cookbook store and butting into Tricia’s business at will. She’s obnoxious in a funny way, but during the course of the story, Angelica will to learn a thing or two about employee relations from her sister.

Although the clues are sometimes a little too obvious, if you’re looking for a light, quick cozy with a touch of humor, the Booktown mysteries won’t let you down.

  2 Responses to “Lorna Barrett, Bookmarked for Death”

  1. Sounds like a light enjoyable read. I wouldn’t take exception to some easy clues. Mysteries don’t always need to be so darn tricky, as satisfying as that can be.

  2. I agree, Howard. Sometimes you just want to sit back and not think too much!

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