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Jan 302013

The last person in America has finally read an ebook. That would be me, and the inaugural book was Christina Freeburn’s Cropped to Death. I’d been looking for this scrapbooking mystery at the library and bookstore but couldn’t find it, so when I saw it for only $2.99 for the Kindle edition, I knew I’d found my e-experiment.

If you don’t like scrapbooking, you probably aren’t too thrilled I’m reviewing my third separate scrapbooking series (Laura Childs, Joanna Campbell Slan), but you know my mantra — read only what you like. And I did enjoy this one.

As with Laura Childs’ Carmela, the scrapbooker in this series is young, a twenty-something who works in the industry. Faith Hunter, though, is an ex-Army JAG and has something mysterious in her past, something she doesn’t want her grandmothers — who own the scrapbook store — to find out about. It’s so serious that it even prevents her from pursuing a relationship with the handsome local prosecutor, although her grandmothers keep throwing him at her.

But when Marilyn, a fellow scrapbook store employee, is accused of murdering her cheating husband and begs Faith to help prove her innocent, she can’t know that she’s jeopardizing Faith’s secret. But every time Faith pokes her nose in, the investigating cop gets angrier, and perhaps more curious. And, like the prosecutor, he seems more than a little interested in Faith himself.

The book was light entertainment, not too graphic and definitely a cozy. I found it pretty easy to read on the Kindle and have to admit it was fun to carry around with me, although I also have to admit to slipping in the occasional hand on the solitaire app that I supposedly uploaded for my daughter.

Now I’ve been trying to decide what my second Kindle book should be. I know it should be something I wouldn’t want to keep (on paper), but I don’t like to spend much on an electronic book. So I’m asking you for help: how do you decide what to buy on Kindle, vs. what to buy in print, vs. what to borrow? And how do you find inexpensive Kindle mysteries (I don’t think the search function is very good)?

Thanks for any advice!

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