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Feb 052013

I’ve read three books in Helene Tursten’s series so far. As much as I liked Detective Inspector Huss, I was only minimally interested in The Glass Devil — not that I disliked it, but it says something that I never got around to reviewing it. I’d be hard pressed to tell you now what it was even about.

But I really like Irene Huss, investigator, wife, mother of teenaged twin girls, friend, and a woman whose thoughts you might recognize as your own at times. And so I read Night Rounds, written earlier in the series than The Glass Devil but just recently translated into English. And I seriously couldn’t put it down.

The plot concerns the murder of a nurse in a private hospital in Göteborg. Someone cuts the electricity and the backup generator, kills the nurse, and walks away. Two separate witnesses see the hospital’s ghost, Nurse Tekla, gliding away in her old-fashioned nursing sister’s uniform — she haunts the hospital where she committed suicide, apparently after having been dumped by the current head of hospital’s father.

Although none of the investigators believe a ghost was the perpetrator, the old story clearly has some connection to current events, even more obviously as the investigation continues and further crimes occur, and Irene insists on following up, even though it’s hard to see how something that happened 60 years ago could have any bearing on the murder. In fact, one of the less likable cops on the team with Huss calls her a “ghostbuster” for her efforts.

So now I’m off to look for the other Irene Huss mystery that’s been translated into English, hoping it’s at least something like this one.

  2 Responses to “Helene Tursten, Night Rounds”

  1. Nice review! I’ve only read the first book so far, and I may skip right to this one.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. I just read another one (review coming) and this one remains my favorite. I say skip away. :D

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