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Feb 152013

The “Inspector Lewis” television series, produced by ITV, continues to entertain, even though it’s hard to figure out what season you’re watching. Apparently the British seasons are numbered differently from the U.S. ones, which are also edited for time, so I’m not sure if I watched 5 or 6. Let’s just call it the four episodes that aired in the U.S. during summer 2012.

That season had four episodes, “The Soul of Genius,” about a professor who wanted to solve the mystery of Lewis Carroll’s Snark, “Generation of Vipers,” concerning a feminist professor whose profile on a dating site was made public, “Fearful Symmetry,” in which a feuding couple return home to find the babysitter dead, and “The Indelible Stain,” about an American academic who is considered by some to be a racist because of his research. All four feature Kevin Whately as Lewis and Laurence Fox as DS James Hathaway, plus a cast of regulars such as Clare Holman as Dr. Laura Hobson and Rebecca Front as the chief superintendent.

If you like British television mysteries, this series is one of the best. It’s as much about Oxford as it is about the characters or plots. In fact, my favorite moment came in the third episode in a conversation between Lewis and Hathaway:

Hathaway: “Professional iconoclast, social photo anthropologist cum cultural pundit.”
Lewis: “Oxford type, eh?”
Hathaway: “Oh, yeaaahhhh.”

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