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Mar 122013

You’ll be hearing crickets on How Mysterious! this week. It’s spring break at the university where I teach, which might be a good enough reason for not posting. But the real reason is much more prosaic — my laptop is dying! I had the hard drive wiped in December and that allowed me to limp along for a few more months, but I can see that it’s not going to last much longer (as in, I’m afraid to turn it off in case it refuses to come back on).

So, even though I’ve got some great books to review (The Book Thief, Disco for the Departed, Cell 8, A Study in Scarlet), you’ll have to wait along with me for the new MacBook Air.

And in the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed that the old model hangs on for a few more days. Otherwise the silence may be shattered by my screaming. :-P

  2 Responses to “A mysterious silence….”

  1. Good luck. Fingers crossed. Love Study in Scarlet.

  2. Ack! Thanks. I want to be able to transfer all the old stuff over before it dies. :P

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